Snapchat, this stranger: a social network that is spreading so fast that it has exceeded the use of Twitter with over 140 million active users declared a month ago, a figure updated to around 200 million.

In Italy Snapchat is still not widespread: according to Wired data dating back to last 2015, Italian snappers would have been 673 thousand; to date official data updated on the Italian presence on Snapchat do not exist, but the number of snappers should be around 800 thousand users.

In fact, in these months it is very difficult to chase the numbers: the forecasts of the website point to an increase in Snapchat users on all age groups by 2020: around 25 million between 18 and 24 years, about 25 million among the 25 and 34 years, about 8 between 35 and 44 years and 4 million between 45 and 54 years.

Precisely for this reason it is essential to start to know and understand Snapchat: being able to decide with awareness whether or not to include it in the corporate communication strategy and how to place oneself in a national and local market that is still (almost) virgin.

With great speed, important media such as Corriere della Sera, content marketing experts, social media managers, influencers, food bloggers, universities like Milan Bicocca and other types of users and brands have already established themselves.

A vast panorama, in continuous evolution, in some cases still raw and confused, but of great media impact because it is fresh and spontaneous. And above all, populated by stories through which it is possible to understand the tastes, habits and customs of the most colorful, smart and ironic users of the network.

Workshop program (4 hours)

– Presentations

– Create a Snapchat account step by step

– Use of Snapchat: all functions including recent updates

– How to integrate Snapchat videos and images on other social networks and why

– break

– Case histories of success

– Engagement methods for entrepreneurs and community managers

– Use of Ghost Codes

– Question and answer session

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